If you want to add features to your online store running Magento, we recommend using a very practical function: Magento Connect.

This feature will allow you to add the pack of the French translation, a new theme, a specific payment system ...

A complete list (166 on the date of publication of this post), here. This list is broken into three parts:

  • Magento core: extensions created and made available by the Magento team
  • Community: it is the contributions of all Magento users
  • Commercial: free extensions for Magento

Once you have made the choice of an extension, for example, of an interesting Lazzymonk: Lazzymonks Wordpress integration (this extension allows to integrate a Wordpress blog to your shop).

The first information is to control the stability field of the extension.

Magento connect - Stability

Here you can see that this extension has a beta stability, keep this in mind we will use the setting thereafter.

Indeed you can not install an extension that is in beta if you allow only stable versions.

Magento Connect to connect

Since the administration interface of your Magento store, click the System menu, Magento Connect, Manage Extensions.

Magento connect - Login

Enter your ID and password (the same one you use to log into your administration interface).

You reach the main page of Magento Connect Manager:

Magento connect - Manager

Set Magento Connect

We will firstly check if your manager is configured correctly, click the Settings tab:

Magento connect - Settings

As we saw in the first part of this post, to install our extension, adjust status on Magento Connect Manager Beta (or alpha).

If your status is in Stable, Beta choose to install this extension, otherwise you get an error message.

Save your changes by clicking "Save settings" to reflect your change.

Warning: it is advisable to use only stable option for a production shop.

Installing the extension

Click the Extensions tab, to return to the main page of the Manager.

In the "Install new extension", click the link Magento Connect, you end up on the main page of Magento Connect site, click Community and seek our extension: Lazzymonks Wordpress.

Once you've found it, click the "Get extension key" button, accept the license

Magento connect - Code extension key

Click the Select button to select the key, copy and paste in point 2 of the Magento Connect Manager

Magento connect - Install key extension

Click the Install button.

The download starts, Magento Connect Automatically installs the package.

Magento connect - Install conduct

Once installation is complete, you can see the message "Install ok".

Your extension is now installed, by refreshing your page, you'll see it appear in the lower part of your Manager.

We will see in a future article how to use this extension in your online store.

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Downright stimulating article 20 June 2014 to 21 h 47 min

A powerful thanks to the author's website

Xxx slut 20 June 2014 to 19 h 22 min

Good evening,
When I go to the "Magento Connect Manager", I arrive on a page that displays the following error:
Fatal error: require_once () [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/clickand/www/downloader/pearlib/php/PEAR.php' (include_path='/home/clickand/www/downloader/pearlib/php:/home/clickand/www/app/code/local:/home/clickand/www/app/code/community:/home/clickand/www/app/code/core:/home/clickand/www/lib:.:/usr/share/php5′) in /home/clickand/www/lib/Varien/Pear.php on line 27

This prevents me to install an extension.
Does someone could tell me what is happening?
Thank you in advance.

Naccache September 10, 2012 to 20 hours 39 min

is that if I uninstall an extension it will delete or it is expensive and I keep my megentoConnet can reinstall ???

ampa January 10, 2012 to 13 h 24 min


thank you for this tutorial, I have worries. I wanted to install a WYSIWYG editor with the key. Everything went well for the install but when I want to create a new page, the text area is still not normal in WYSIWYG editor and ...
How to change the default editor?

Thank you

thomas 26 January 2011 to 17 h 59 min

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