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The 1.1 version of Magento is finally available among the main improvements include:

  • The response time was improved (about 40%)
  • An API has been developed to facilitate the integration of Magento with third party software
  • It is possible to create virtual products (without stock or delivery)
  • You can create custom products from a set of choices (eg creation of a custom computer from various options)
  • Management of European and Canadian taxes was improved

You can download here the new version.

You can find here the official announcement, and translation here .

You want to get started in ecommerce and put a online store , two options are available:

  1. You already have a business and want to expand your sales by starting your adventure Internet, by posting all or part of your articles (about one hundred articles).
  2. You do not have to trade, but you want to grow your revenue by creating a small online store, you can be inspired by the example of Tocoda for example. In this case the first thing to do is to find the right idea. I suggest you to go for a ride on a very good site: Niche Adsense , which is full of all a more original ideas than other sites (like: a site of activities for children or a site application marriage ...).

Now you know what ecommerce choose, you must determine which platform will be the most suitable. Read the rest of this article

We saw in a previous post how to install Magento on your Windows computer , let's see now how to install the test database.

To do this go to the page download the Magento site and click the link Download Sample Data.

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A new version of PrestaShop is out!
But no major changes are announced and no new feature is Availablee. Indeed this new release candidate is mostly a corrected version of the previous (known dozens of problems solved).
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When designing your site online commerce , the visual appearance of your website is very important. This is the first impression that will make people want or not your prospective buyer to continue on your site or go see your competitor.

We must take into account: the image quality, speed display, easy navigation through your site ... but how the photos of your product pages is also important. For example, show a picture of an article on a black background when you click on it to enlarge it, lets bring it out and have a more pleasing appearance of the product.

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You have finished installing your shop Prestashop and have started using it. To make it fully operational you have to fill your product catalog.

For this two options available to you:

  1. You can read our previous article on adding product to your PrestaShop store. But add the products one by one can be time consuming.
  2. Use a nice feature of PrestaShop that enables you to import your product catalog, multiple items at a time (or even hundreds) through an array CSV .

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