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Shopializable Installation : Facebook Application for Magento and Prestashop

Introduction :

Logo Shopializable

The new version of our Facebook application has seen daylight!
It permits you to show your shops catalogue from any Magento or Prestashop Platform through your Facebook’s profile. (Available language : English, French, Spanish, German soon).
Which makes it possible for all your friends to discover your products on a daily basis outside of the traditional e-commerce website; as well let their friends know which products they liked.
In fact in this version we wanted to add the new functionality “I love it”, which will improve your shop’s audience over the Facebook network.
We think in order for an e-commerce website to start up, using social networks can make a lot of difference, specially with the SEO running behind. It permits to have a non negligible traffic towards your e-commerce website.
Finally we gave a name for this module, in order to notice it easily, Shop and Socializable were 2 important keywords to describe this application. So we called it: “Shopializable”.
Take a look on our demonstration available on our Facebook profile (shop tab) :

Magavenue Teamp Facebook's profile

Summary :

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Facebook Application for Magento and Prestashop : Preview

For those who have not yet got to know this application: We’re proud to say it will enable you to show through your Facebook profile the products available on your Magento or Prestashop website. (For more information go to the Facebook category).
After long hours of development we decided to show you the result of the module before its expeditious launch.
So please don’t hesitate to contact us for new features.
We ask you to be indulgent as the design isn’t finalized.

Which features does the Facebook module for Magento and Prestashop have ?

  • Complete support of Magento and Prestashop e-commerce engines !
  • A template and theme engine.
  • Button “I love it”.
  • Available languages : French, English, German, Spanish
  • Logo and slogan availability for your header.
  • Support for an image and text editor for your home page.
  • On each page your visitor can directly add to his cart your products and eventually be redirected to your running e-commerce shop.

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