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Since 2008, we have been developing modules and shops on one of the market's leading CMS: Prestashop. This open source software, which has become one of the market leaders in the world of online shops, has a very strong developer community and nearly 300,000 shops installed.

In addition with a solution like Prestashop, you can create very simple e-shops or very professional shops, everything is allowed, you just have to imagine what you want.

The fact that it is an open-source software supported by thousands of developers and used by hundreds of thousands of merchants, allows you to be sure to have a software always up to date, evolving regularly and with features in constant and economic evolutions.

The advantage of using this solution is to work on an open software allowing all the adaptations and specific developments needed to set up your e-commerce shop creation project. You will have a powerful and free solution without license or royalty to pay.

You remain "master" of your shop and do not depend on a proprietary solution (Saas or other), or the company provides you with a system on which you add your own shop.

The advantage of a proprietary solution is that you do not have to worry about basic system updates.

The disadvantage is that you have a monthly fee to pay or a percentage on your sales. Another disadvantage is that you are totally dependent on this company, for new features you might want to have on your shop, or updates, you can not add what you want. You are also dependent on it, for the durability of your information (customer file, products ...), if you want to change CMS or if it stops its activity.

We rely on an existing CMS for several years with all the essential features for your e-shop. We can develop complementary or tailor-made modules to match your needs.

You are totally independent and can therefore do what you want on your shop. The domain name is in your name (you own it), you can choose to go on Prestashop with the basic theme and some small changes, this is what we call The Base Pack.

You can, if you prefer to have a Prestashop shop, with an existing standard theme on the market. The general appearance of your store may look like another store using the same theme, but we have planned 2 hours of developments that you can use, for example, to make some customizations and distinguish yourself and other e- shops. This is what we call The Standard Pack.

Finally, if you want to stand out completely from your competitors by having your own identity, we have planned a third pack, which leaves you completely free of your desires. You can entrust us completely the graphic realization of your theme (or to make a part of it with your usual graphic designer), you can ask us the realization of modules on measures or not. You can also ask us to use Prestashop for the creation of a site other than an e-commerce site, as we did, for example, for a classifieds site or an image recovery site via Getty Images. Your wildest wishes are conceivable, just make us a specification and submit it to us, so that we can determine if it is feasible and under what conditions. We call it Custom Pack.

In any case you get a quality site based on Prestashop, which is very easy to use. We accompany you from the beginning to the end of the establishment of your shop and you assist for one year following the purchase of one of our 3 Prestashop site creation packages.

You remain totally independent and you own your domain name, your hosting, your site, we provide you the different access codes to access these different parts. You can continue to work with us if you are satisfied with our services or leave to work with another webmaster or another Prestashop agency.

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